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Saint Row The Third PC

Written By Umar Bilal on Friday, 11 January 2013 | 03:41

Saints Row: The Third retains the blend of an action-adventure in an open world,urban warfare format that is traditional in the Saints Row series. The player, as the leader of the Third Street Saints, can explore the new city of Steel port  performing main missions that progress the game's story, and side missions. These side missions include Activities, mini games  Strongholds, rival gang bases that can be taken over to control a section of Steel port and Flash points  on-the-spot gang warfare. Successful completion of missions can earn the player in-game money, weapons, cars, and gang respect. The Third uses respect as experience points which grant levels, the highest level being 50, which in turn enables the player to spend money on improving specific attributes of their character, such as melee combat or firearms skills. The leveling system allows the player to purchase these attributes, or 'perks', each time the player character is leveled-up, with the various attributes requiring a certain level before purchase is possible. Money can also be used to purchase clothing items, weapons and cars, or may be used to upgrade weapons and cars, such as adding scopes or extra barrels to a weapon, which are then stored in the player's arsenal. Finally, money can be used to upgrade the Saints gang, customizing their appearance, outfits, and headquarters.

Platform: This game is For PC

System Requirements:

Operating system : Windows 7

Processor : Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz
Ram : 3 GB
Graphic Card : 1 GB
Direct X : 11
Hardisk : 10 GB

Screen Shots :

How to Download:

  • Install Utorrent on Your PC
  • Then click ON the Given Link 
  • Wait 5 Sec And click On Skip Add
  • Download file Enjoy!

Click This To Download Saint Row The Third
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